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Class III Weak Verb (ur-#d/t) Bending

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at krevja
to require
eg krevji
I require
tú krevur
you require
hann krevur
he requires
hon krevur
she requires
tað krevur
it requires
vit krevja
we require
tit krevja
ya'all require
tey krevja
they require
teir krevja
they m require
tær krevja
they f require
Require, ya'all!
eg kravdi
I required
tú kravdi
you required
hann kravdi
he required
hon kravdi
she required
vit kravdu
we required
tit kravdu
ya'all required
tey kravdu
they required
eg havi kravt
I have required
tú hevur kravt
you have required
hann hevur kravt
he has required
vit hava kravt
we have required
tey hava kravt
they have required