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to know
my a wor
I know
ty a wor
you know
ev a wor
he knows
Peran a wor
Peran knows
hi a wor
she knows
Lowena a wor
Lowena knows
Mester Trevelyan a wor
Mr Trevelyan knows
Mestres Pollglas a wor
Mrs Polglase knows
an gath a wor
the cat knows
an ki a wor
the dog knows
ni a wor
we know
hwi a wor
you (pl) know
i a wor
they know
an fleghes a wor
the children know
Peran ha Lowena a wor
Peran and Lowena know
kathes a wor
cats know
keun a wor
dogs know
keun yn stret a wor
dogs in the street know
my a wor oll an dra
I know everything (lit: all the thing)
my a wor bos hemma gwir
I know this to be true