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to understand
to meet
to taste
a yll'ta ow honvedhes?
can you understand me?
a vynn'ta ow metya?
do you want to meet me?
a yll'ta ow klewes?
can you hear me?
dha weles yn skon
see you soon (s)
ny wrug vy dha gonvedhes
I did not understand you
ny wrug vy dha glewes
I did not hear you
ple'ma Peran?
where is Peran?
ny allav vy y gavos
I cannot find him
ple'ma Lowena?
where is Lowena?
ny allav vy hy havos
I cannot find her
ny allav vy y wul
I cannot do it
my a wra y wul
I am going to do it
my a yll y wul
I can do it
my a vynn y wul
I want to do it
agas gweles diwettha
see you later (pl)
my a yll agas gweles
I can see you (pl)
my a yll aga blasa
I can taste them
my a yll aga klewes
I can hear them
ny allav vy aga gweles
I cannot see them
ny allav vy aga klewes
I cannot hear them
ny allav vy aga havos
I cannot find them