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where is?
ple'ma an bellwolok?
where is the television?
yma pellwolok y'n esedhva
there is a television in the living room
ple'ma an yeynell?
where is the fridge?
yma yeynell y'n gegin
there is a fridge in the kitchen
ple'ma an dhillasva?
where is the wardrobe?
yma dillasva y'n chambour
there is a wardrobe in the bedroom
gweli unnik
single bed
ple'ma an gweli unnik?
where is the single bed?
yma gweli unnik y'n chambour byghan
there is a single bed in the small bedroom
ple'ma an gowas?
where is the shower?
yma kowas y'n stevel-omwolghi
there is a shower in the bathroom
ple'ma an karr?
where is the car?
yma karr ryb an karrji
there is a car by the side of the garage
nyns usi karr y'n karrji
the car is not in the garage
pyth eus y'n karrji?
what is in the garage?
yma atal y'n karrji
there is rubbish in the garage