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I did this, I did that, I did everything

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my a garas
I loved
my a garas Kernow
I loved Cornwall
my a skrifas
I wrote
my a skrifas Kernewek
I wrote Cornish
my a gonvedhas
I understood
my a gonvedhas Kernewek
I understood Cornish
my a glewas
I heard
my a glewas an fleghes
I heard the children
my a gewsis
I spoke
my a gewsis Kernewek
I spoke Cornish
my a dhybris
I ate
my a dhybris kig
I ate meat
my a grysis
I believed
my a grysis henna
I believed that
my a wodhva
I knew
my a wodhva kewsel Kernewek
I knew how to speak Cornish
my a wodhva bos henna gwir
I knew that to be true