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dydh da Peran ha fatla genes?
hello Peran and how are you (s)?
an lowarn yw rudh hag an vugh yw gwynn ha du
the fox is red and the cow is black and white
my a gonvedh ha my a vynn kewsel
I understand and I want to speak
my a glewas henna ha my a vynn mos
I heard that and I want to go
da yw genev vy krycket ha da yw genev vy rugbi
I like cricket and and I like rugby
my a yll seni faboden ha my a yll seni gitar
I can play bass and I can play guitar
ottomma leth ragos hag ottomma dehen ragov
here is milk for you and here is cream for me
gwynsek yw ha glyb yw hedhyw
it's windy and it's wet today
howlyek o ha tomm o de
it was sunny and it was warm yesterday
my a skrif Kernewek ha my a gews Kernewek
I write Cornish and I speak Cornish
dewlagas Peran yw glas ha dewlagas Lowena yw gell
Peran's eyes are blue and Lowena's eyes are brown
yth esa gerlyver ena hag yth esa paper
there was a dictionary there and there was paper
dha dro ha hanter korev ragov mar pleg
it's your round and half a beer for me please
yma pellwolok y'n esedhva hag yma pellwolok y'n chambour
there is a television in the sitting room and there's a television in the bedroom
gwra hedhi ha gorta omma mar pleg
do stop and wait here please
my a wor ha ty a wor ha Lowena a wor
I know and you know and Lowena knows
my a welas Peran ha my a skrifas dhe Lowena
I saw Peran and I wrote to Lowena
a wre'ta dybri pysk hag a wre'ta dybri boos trig?
do you (s) eat fish and do you (s) eat sea food?
piw yw an den na ha piw yw hi?
who is that man and who is she?
an nessa planet yw Gwener hag an peswara yw Meurth
the second planet is Venus and the fourth is Mars
yma dhymm dew vroder hag yma dhymm diw hwor
I have two brothers and two sisters