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a yll'ta gweres, po a yll'ta mos?
can you (s) help, or can you (s) go?
a vynn'ta kavos te, po a vynn'ta kavos koffi?
do you (s) want to have tea, or do you (s) want to have coffee?
my a yll gwari rugbi po my a yll gwari peldros
I can play rugby or I can play football
ple'ma an karr? Po my a yll kerdhes
where is the car? Or I can walk
yth esa ev ow redya lyver po yth esa ev ow tyski Kernewek
he was reading a book or he was learning Cornish
yma hi ow redya po yma hi ow tyski Kernewek
she is reading or she is learning Cornish
gorta po deus!
wait or come!
gwren ni dybri po gwren ni mos tre!
let's eat or let's go home!
gwra eva korev po gwra eva gwin!
do drink beer or do drink wine!
ottomma koffi du ragos po ottomma leth ragos
here's black coffee for you (s) or here's milk for you (s)
yma hwegh kador y'n stevel-dhybri po yma peder kador y'n hel
there is six chairs in the dining room or there is four chairs in the hall
ny allav vy y weles po ny allav vy y glewes
I can't see it or I can't hear it
a yll'ta ow metya po a yll'ta dos tre?
can you meet me or can you come home?
my a vynn eva gwin rudh po my a vynn eva korev da
I want to drink red wine or I want to drink stout
dha dro yw po tro Peran yw
it's your round or it's Peran's round
a wruss'ta mos tre po a wruss'ta donsya dhe unnek eur?
did you (s) go home or did you dance at eleven o'clock?
hy fenn-bloodh yw mis Ebrel po hy fenn-bloodh yw mis Me
her birthday is April or her birthday is May
ny wrug vy y gonvedhes po ny wrug vy y glewes
I did not understand him or I did not hear him
res yw dhis gweres po res yw dhis kana
you must help or you must sing
a wruss'ta gweles Peran po a wruss'ta gweles Lowena?
did you see Peran or did you see Lowena?