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py eur yw?
what time is it?
unn eur yw
it's one o'clock
diw eur yw
it's two o'clock
teyr eur yw
it's three o'clock
peder eur yw
it's four o'clock
pymp eur yw
it's five o'clock
hwegh eur yw
it's six o'clock
seyth eur yw
it's seven o'clock
eth eur yw
it's eight o'clock
naw eur yw
it's nine o'clock
deg eur yw
it's ten o'clock
unnek eur yw
it's eleven o'clock
diwdhek eur yw
it's twelve o'clock
pymp wosa
five past
pymp dhe
five to
deg dhe
ten to
deg wosa
ten past
kwarter wosa
quarter past
kwarter dhe
quarter to
ugens dhe
twenty to
ugens wosa
twenty past
pymp warn ugens wosa
twenty five past
pymp warn ugens dhe
twenty five to
hanter wosa
half past