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a bed of
a layer of smth ( rice, lettuce, etc) that other things are put on top of
smth that you have to chew a lot in order to eat
three-course dinner
dinner that has three stages
the starter
first course
the pudding
having a hard, crisp crust (about bread, rolls)
soft rolls
rolls that have a soft crust
French fries/ chips
fried potatoes
be garnished with
be decorated with
lashings of
lots of a particular kind of food (esp. cream and sauces)
a mixed salad
a salad containing 2 or 3 salad vegetables
piping hot
very hot, used to describe food
seasoned with
with salt and/or pepper and/or spices added to improve the taste
in season
vegetables/fruit are ripe and available in large quantities
smothered in/with
be covered thickly in
solid, heavy and difficult to digest
(about meat) having an unpleasant texture of long thin pieces
juicy and tasty (for meat and vegetables)
topped with
be put on top of it (used for desserts)