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Unit 28 Health I

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alleviate the pain/symptoms
reduce the amount/effect of the pain/symptoms
contract a disease/illness
catch/fall ill with a disease/illness
give blood
voluntarily have blood taken from you so that it can be stored and used for smb else at a later date
make a recovery
recover, get better
make a full recovery
recover completely
nurse smb back to health
help smb get better
perform an operation
to operate on smb
reduce the swelling
do smth to return the swollen part of your body back to normal size
regain consciousness
to 'wake up' having previously fainted/been unconscious; to come round/to
respond to treatment
get better as a result of taking a particular medicine, etc
take effect
start to work (for a medicine, a painkiller, an anaesthetic)
treat an illness
try an cure an illness
undergo surgery
have a surgeon operate on you
be admitted to hospital
be taken into hospital
be allergic to smth
your body reacts to smth in a negative way
be on antibiotics
be taking antibiotic medicine
a cure for a disease
a medicine or medical treatment that will get rid of an illness or a disease
die of smth
a paticular disease/illness kills them
be discharged from hospital
be allowed to leave hospital
be in intensive care
be in a hospital ward where people who are very ll are treated and looked after
be on the mend
be getting better
operate on smb
treat smb by cutting open part of their body and removing or repairing smth
get medicine on prescription
you must have a prescription to obtain it
a runny nose
have a cold and your nose is producing a lot of liquid
be rushed to hospital
be taken to hospital very quickly
be in good shape
be fit and healthy
be under a lot of stress
be unable to relax because you are worrying a lot
suffer from smth
have a particular illness or disease
be susceptible
be the kind of person who easily catches a disease or illness
hang by a thread
be very ill and likely to die
take its toll/a heavy toll on
have a bad effect on