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Unit 29 Health II

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clear up
(about a rash/a cold) to go away
come out in a rash/spots
a rash/spots start covering a part or all of your body
come out of a coma
wake up from a coma
come round/to
regain consciousness after you have fainted
go down with smth
become ill with smth
pass out
faint, lose consciousness
pull through
survive and recover from a serious illness
put smb on smth
prescribe a medicine for smb to take
put your back out
hurt your back, often because you have tried to lift smth heavy
shake off
get rid of smth
take a tooth out
remove a tooth
wear off
stop having an effect
a blinding/splitting/thumping headache
a very bad headache
a bug
an illness which is easily caught but which is not serious and probably lasts for 2 or 3 days
a stomach/tummy bug
a bug which affects the stomach
rich and often belonging to a high social class
a highly infectious disease
a disease which is very easily passed from one person to another
have/suffer a nervous breakdown
become extremely depressed and unable to cope
have poor eyesight
not to be able to see very well and probably needing to wear glasses
be hard of hearing
not to be able to hear very well and probably needing to use a hearing aid
a runny nose
have a cold and your nose is producing a lot of liquid
be seriously ill
be very ill and probably in hospital as a result
shooting pains
sudden, sharp pains which do not last long but which do repeat themselves
a sore throat
your throat hurts so that you find it difficult to swallow
a stinkng cold
a very bad cold
have a touch of flu
have some of the symptoms of flu
feel under the weather/off-colour
feel slightly ill
have an upset stomach
not be able to keep anything in your stomach