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a plaster cast
a cover made from plaster of Paris, put around an arm, leg etc to keep a broken bone
a sling
a piece of cloth tied around your neck to support an injured arm or hand
a treatment for pain and disease that involves pushing special needles into body
the need to take a harmful drug regularly, without being able to stop
one of a pair of long sticks that you put under your arms to help you walk
genetic engineering
the science of changing the genetic structure of an animal, plant or human
health check
a test done to make sure you are healthy
an act of putting a drug into someone's body using a special needle
relating to the health or state of someone's mind
a medicine which reduces or removes pain
to prick
to make a hole in your skin
the process of breathing
a regular pattern of changes
to be sea-sick
to feel sick because of being on a ship or a boat for a long time
a nervous worried feeling that makes it impossible for you to relax
to beat
when your heart beats, it moves in a regular rhythm as it pumps your blood
to give an injection
to perform an act of putting a drug into smone's body using a special needle
to heal
if a wound or a broken bone heals or is healed, the flesh, skin, or bone grows back together and becomes healthy again
to inhale
to breathe in air, smoke, or gas
to prescribe
to say what medicine or treatment a sick person should have
to put a bandage
to put a narrow piece of cloth that you tie around a wound or injured bone
to strip to the waist
to take off clothes on the top half of your body
to swoon
to fall to the ground because you have been affected by an emotion or shock
a vein in your body
the process of becoming worse
a low strong regular beat or sensation
blood pressure
the force with which blood travels through your body
someone who is unable to walk properly because their legs are damaged or injured
to treat
to try to cure an illness or injury by using drugs, hospital care etc
feeling sad and disappointed
a special vehicle that is used to take people who are ill or injured to hospital
a continuous pain that is not sharp or very strong
the feeling you have when part of your body hurts
the process of discovering exactly what is wrong with someone or something
to hold your hands, teeth etc together tightly, usually because you feel angry
small and not very important or serious
ordinary and not special in any way
an illness that is not very serious
the state of being ill
a disease of the body or mind, or the condition of being ill