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Health Departments

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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
a department in a hospital that treats people who are very seriously ill or badly injured
Casualty & Emergency Department
a part of a hospital that people are taken to when they are hurt in an accident or suddenly become ill
Pediatric Ward
a department that deals with children and their illnesses
Maternity Unit
a department that takes care of women who are pregnant or who have just had a baby
Orthopaedic Ward
a ward in a hospital where people who need treatment of problems that affect bones or muscles stay
Surgical Ward
a ward where medical operations are held
Geriatric Ward
a department that deals with medical care and treatment of old people
Ophthalmic Ward
a ward people with illnesses that affect eyes are treated a department that deals with treatment of medical
Gynaecological Ward
conditions and illnesses that affect only women, and usually relating to a woman's ability to have babies