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a situation in which a lot of things are being done to keep fit
a unit for measuring the amount of energy that food will produce
crash diet
an attempt to lose a lot of weight quickly by strictly limiting food
dietary needs
needs related to the food someone eats
double chin
a fold of loose skin under someone's chin
hunger pangs
sudden feelings of being hungry
thin in a healthy and attractive way
food that provides what is needed for people to live and grow
someone who is overweight is too heavy and fat
someone who is slim is attractively thin
to gain weight
to increase in weight
to go on a diet
to go to a limited range and amount of food that you eat
to keep fit
to stay strong and healthy, especially because you exercise
to keep the body in good shape
to keep your body in good and healthy condition
to lose weight
to stop being as heavy as you were before
a well-balanced meal or diet contains all the different things