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2.2 Input devices

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Used with a specific pin which means they can access things
Pin pad description
Debit, credit or smart card transactions
Pin pad uses
A - Can be used from anywhere D - If you forget your pin you can be locked out
Pin pad ad and dis
A camera for recording images on video tape or transmitting them to a monitor screen
Video camera description
To take videos To transfer videos to a computer
Video camera uses
A - Portable Can take pictures D - Can be heavy Expensive Easily broken
Video camera advs and disadvs
Reads data on credit cards and feeds it back to the computer
Magnetic strip reader description
Security cards for entry to hotel rooms Credit or debit cards
Magnetic strip reader uses
A - Simple to use Cards aren’t expensive to produce D - Thieves can obtain readers and read the data on the card
Magnetic strip reader advantages and disadvantages
Converts a real world property to data which a computer can process
Sensors description
There are temperature, pressure, light, sound, humidity, pH sensors
Sensors uses
A - Can be automatic, reading are continuous so actions can be taken immediately D - Faulty sensors can give bad results
Sensors advantages and disadvantages
Cheque and bank account numbers are printed using magnetic ink using a special font that can be read by a MICR reader
MICR description
Allow details from cheques to be read into a computer quickly and accurately
MICR uses
A - Even if someone writes over the magnetic ink, it can still be read D - More expensive than other data entry methods.
MICR advantages and disadvantages
A device that captures images and turns them digital.
Digital Camera description
To capture memories
Digital Camera uses
A - Memory cards store several hundred photos D - More expensive Not as good resolution
Digital Camera advantages and disadvantages
Reads information in the form of barcodes.
Barcode Reader description
Very efficient Can be used as a security device
Barcode Reader uses
A - Very fast Less mistakes made D - Quite expensive Barcodes can be swapped
Barcode Reader advantages and disadvantages
Controls the operation of the other device by infrared signals
Remote Controls description
TV DVD players
Remote Controls uses
A - Devices can be operated from a distance D - Signals between control and device can be easily blocked
Remote Controls advantages and disadvantages
A card is inserted into the reader which can access the memory and data stored on it.
Chip readers description
Credit cards ID cards
Chip readers uses
A - Smart cards can store much more data than magnetic strip cards D - People can be careless when using their PIN
Chip readers advantages and disadvantages
Allows data from a multiple choice form to be read quickly and accurately into a compter
OMR description
Lottery number forms Multiple choice exam answer sheets
OMR uses
A - Very fast More accurate that data being keyed in by a person D - Not suitable for text input If the marks don’t fill the space completely, or aren’t in dark enough pencil, they may not be read correctly
OMR advantages and disadvantages
Stick which pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the device its controlling
Joystick description
Computer games Simulators
Joystick uses
A - They give a better gaming experience for racing or flying styles of computer games D - Can break easily Some find it harder to control than a mouse
Joystick advantages and disadvantages
A pointing device Like an upside-down mouse with an exposed protruding ball.
Tracker Ball description
Same pointing ability as a mouse
Tracker Ball uses
A - More actuate than a mouse Less desk space needed as they are stationary D - Not supplied with the computer User may need training as not standard equipment
Tracker Ball advantages and disadvantages
A set of buttons, each button has a symbol assigned
Keyboard description
To input text and numbers
Keyboard uses
A - Most computers come with a keyboard supplied Skilled typists can enter data very quickly D - If you can’t touch type it can be slow
Keyboard advantages and disadvantages
Software that translates a scanned image of printed or typewritten text into a plain text file that can be read by a word processor.
OCR description
Documents, sales receipts and mail
OCR uses
A - Faster and cheaper than manually doing it D - Not 100% accurate Has to be checked for mistakes
OCR advantages and disadvantages
Allows the input of data through touching the screen with fingers
Touch screen description
Game controls Phones Cameras
Touch screen uses
A - Easy to use Don’t need a mouse etc D - Not suitable for inputting large amounts of data Expensive
Touch screen advantages and disadvantages
A pointing device that translates the motion and position of a user’s finger to a relative proportion on the screen
Touch Pad description
Used instead of a mouse on laptops
Touch Pad uses
A - Useful for laptops when a mouse isn’t practical D - Moist or sweaty hands can disrupt the signals picked up by the sensors
Touch Pad advantages and disadvantages
Pointing device used with a stylus to transfer the natural movement of your hands into graphics applications
Graphic Tablet description
To produce drawing and graphics on the computer
Graphic Tablet uses
A - Much easier to draw things than with a mouse D - More expensive than a mouse
Graphic Tablet advantages and disadvantages
A pointing device with two buttons to click and a ball to scroll.
Mouse description
To move the position of the pointer on the screen
Mouse uses
A - Usually comes with the computer D - They need a flat space next to the computer
Mouse advantages and disadvantages
A keyboard used to enter numbers only
Numeric Keypad description
ATM to enter pin numbers
Numeric Keypad uses
A - Faster than normal keypads for entering numbers D - Hard to enter text
Numeric Keypad advantages and disadvantages
Enters hard copies of information into the computer
Scanner description
Can scan any type of info onto computer
Scanner uses
A - Any image digitised by the scanner can then be used on electronic devices D - Images take up a lot of memory space
Scanner advantages and disadvantages