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2.2 Output devices

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Used to control processes along with the sensor input device.
Motor description
In many domestic appliances To operate fans in computers
Motor uses
Low cost, Long life, High efficiency, Automated control
Motor advantages
Cannot control speed, Can get hot easily, Some are not very portable, High demand charged
Motor disadvantages
The actuator is connected to switches that turn the lights on or off.
Lights description
Traffic lights Light bulbs and LEDs Used to indicate something
Lights uses
Quick response Easy to notice
Lights advantages
Requires power Could be a distraction e.g. whilst driving
Lights disadvantages
A type of impact printer where the print head (made up of matrix pins) presses against an inked ribbon.
Dot matrix printer description
Used in noisy environments Used where print quality isn’t very important.
Dot matrix printer uses
Cheap to run and maintain Easy to use if continuous stationary is required. Can be used in a dirty and dusty environment
Dot matrix printer advantages
Noisy Low print quality Very slow Not good in an office environment
Dot matrix printer disadvantages
Plotters create hard-copy in a very different way to printers. Instead of building up text and images from tiny dots, plotters draw on the paper using a pen.
Plotter description
Produce large drawings Large pictures for billboards/ giant posters Can print on plastic- coated paper Used in architects offices.
Plotter uses
Produce huge print outs High print quality
Plotter advantages
Slow Expensive to buy Expensive to maintain
Plotter disadvantages
An actuator (a computer controlled item that can affect real-life) that increases temperature.
Heater description
Automatic washing machines Cookers Central heating systems Automatic greenhouses
Heater uses
Automatic Can be kept at one precise temperature.
Heater advantages
Can be affected by power-cuts
Heater disadvantages
Uses a complex system involving a laser to make the toner stick to the required parts of the paper.
Laser Printer description
When noise level need to be kept low In schools and offices
Laser Printer uses
Cheap to use Consistent high quality Very fast printing Handles large jobs
Laser Printer advantages
Expensive to buy Only very fast if several copies are being made.
Laser Printer disadvantages
The least expensive type of monitor
CRT Monitors description
The primary output device for the computer so the user can see immediately what they are typing in Used with light pens, for example to allow designs to be created on screen
CRT Monitors uses
They still produce a higher quality image than TFT monitors, The angle of viewing is still better than a TFT monitor, They work with light pens in CAD and CAM applications
CRT Monitors advantages
Heavy, They can get very hot and cause fires They can flicker, which can lead to headaches and eyesight problems with prolonged use
CRT Monitors disadvantages
TFT are taking over CRT as main output device Screen is made up of thousands of pixels
TFT monitors description
Primary output device for computers The user can see immediately what they are typing They are integral, part of laptop computers
TFT monitors uses
TFT are lightweight, do not pose the same risks as CRT Produce less glare than CRT Emit less radiation than CRT Consume much less power than CRT Do not generate as much heat as CRT
TFT monitors advantages
Angle of viewing is critical Image unclear when viewed slightly from side Definition is sometimes not as good as CRT Cannot yet be used with light pens
TFT monitors disadvantages
Projects an image from a computer onto a large screen or wall
Projectors description
Home cinema systems, Training Presentations-To allow the whole audience to see the image
Projectors uses
Enable many people to see the screen Enlarged picture Avoid the need for several network computers
Projectors advantages
Images can be fuzzy Expensive Setting up can be difficult
Projectors disadvantages