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2.3 Storage devices and media

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Very thin strip of plastic with a coated magnetic layer. The data is stored in magnetic areas which represent 1s and 0s.
Magnetic Tape description
They are generally less expensive than the equivalent-capacity hard disk. It is very robust
Magnetic Tape advantages
Access time is very slow
Magnetic Tape disadvantages
Up to one TB per cartridge
Magnetic Tape storage capacity
In applications where batch processing is used e.g. bank cheques
Magnetic Tape uses
Serial Access
Magnetic Tape type of access
Used in the same way as a fixed hard drive but can be disconnected and used with several computers
Portable Hard disk description
They have large memory capacities. - They can be used as a method of transferring information between computers.
Portable Hard disk advantages
It can be easily damaged is the user drops it ore does not shut it down correctly after use.
Portable Hard disk disadvantages
Several GB
Portable Hard disk storage capacity
Used as back up systems to prevent data loss.
Portable Hard disk uses
Random Access
Portable Hard disk type of access
Compact Disc - Read-Only Memory
CD- ROM description
The data cannot be altered (non-volatile), so cannot be accidently deleted, theyre not very expensive
CD- ROM advantages
The data transfer rate and data access time is slower than for hard disks.
CD- ROM disadvantages
CD- ROM storage capacity
software (e.g. office applications or games), music, electronic books (e.g. an encyclopaedia with sound and video.)
CD- ROM uses
Random Access
CD- ROM type of access
Digital Versatile Disc - Read-Only Memory
DVD-ROM description
They hold more data than floppy disks. They are less expensive than hard disk drive systems
DVD-ROM advantages
The data transfer rate and data access time is slower than for hard disks.
DVD-ROM disadvantages
DVD-ROM storage capacity
Same as CD, also used to store high-quality video.
DVD-ROM uses
Random Access
DVD-ROM type of access
Blu-Ray disks are a recent replacement for DVDs
BLU RAY DVD description
Data transfer rate is very fast
BLU RAY DVD advantages
The discs are relatively expensive. Blu-ray systems still have encryption problems (which are used to stop piracy) when used to store video.
BLU RAY DVD disadvantages
20 - 50GB
BLU RAY DVD storage capacity
Same as DVD, aslo used to store very high-quality video
Random Access
BLU RAY DVD type of access
Connected to a computer through a USB port and power to operate them is drawn from the host computer.
Memory stick description
They are very compact and portable. They are very robust.
Memory stick advantages
They are easy to lose
Memory stick disadvantages
Several GB
Memory stick storage capacity
Memory sticks are used for transporting files between computers or as back up storage.
Memory stick uses
Random Access
Memory stick type of access
These are a form of electrically erasable programmable read only memory
Flash memory description
They are very compact, so they can be easily removed and used in another devices
Flash memory advantages
They are expensive per GB of memory when compared to hard disk drives
Flash memory disadvantages
Up to several GBs
Flash memory storage capacity
Flash memory cards are used to store photos on digital cameras. Mobile phones use them as memory cards.
Flash memory uses
Random Access
Flash memory type of access
Main method on all computers to store data
Fixed Hard disk drive description
Very fast data transfer rate. - Very large memory capacities
Fixed Hard disk drive advantages
They can be easily damaged, not very portable
Fixed Hard disk drive disadvantages
Several GB
Fixed Hard disk drive storage capacity
To store operating systems on a computer and working data.
Fixed Hard disk drive uses
Random Access
Fixed Hard disk drive type of access
a flexible removable magnetic disk (typically encased in a hard plastic shell) for storing data.
Floppy Disk description
Very simple technology, cheap
Floppy Disk advantages
. Very few modern computers have floppy disk drives.
Floppy Disk disadvantages
1.44 MB
Floppy Disk storage capacity
Used where small files need to be transferred/stored.
Floppy Disk uses
Random Access
Floppy Disk type of access
making one or more copies of your data
Backup definition
A storage device is one that stores files one-by-one in a sequence.
Serial / Sequential Access
A storage device is one that stores files so that they can be instantly accessed
Direct / Random Access