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2.4 Computer networks

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Connects LANs to a WAN/Internet
Router purpose
refers to any system where it is possible to connect to a single network or to a single computer through wireless communications
WIFI description
an example of WPAN technology. Radio waves are used to provide wireless links between devices and allow connection to the internet.
Bluetooth description
• A Local Area Network is usually within one building. • A typical LAN will consist of a number of computers and devices which will be connected to hubs or switches. • One of the hubs or switches will usually be connected to a router or a modem to allow the LAN to connect with the internet.
How to set up a small network
Connects networks/LANs together/Directs data packets to specific networks
Bridge purpose
Directs data packets to specific computers
Switch purpose
Broadcasts data packets to computers in a LAN
Hub purpose
A Local Area Network is a network confined to one building or site, a private network belonging to an organisation or business, they use cables for connections
Uses wifi to connect computers, difficult to make secure
A Wide Area Network is a network that extends over a large area, created by joining several LANs together, it uses optical fibre (glass) cables, satellite radio links, microwave radio links for connections
A private network that requires password entry and can only be accessed from agreed points. It is possible to block certain sites and is used to share information within a company.
A public network that be accesses from anywhere provided the user has an ISP account. It covers topics of global interest
the converting of data into a code using an encryption key