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2.6 Effects of using ICT

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A program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs without your permission. They can install themselves and copy themselves repeatedly
Computer virus definition
Install anti-virus and anti-malware software, dont open email attachments unless you know they're safe.
How to prevent viruses and malware
Breaking in to another person’s computer
Hacking definition
to access personal data, e.g. Credit card details or other financial information
Hacking reason
Using strong passwords, put a firewall between you and any other network, encrypt any private and important information
Hacking prevention
Unemployment in manufacturing (Robots have taken over many tasks), Computer controlled warehouses (They are now automatic and require no staff to be present), Labour intensive work (e.g. the printing industry)
Negative impact of ICT on employment
New jobs have been created e.g. maintenance of robots and jobs related to internet shopping
Positive impact of ICT on employment
Need to employ less people which reduces labour costs, robots don’t get sick or take holidays which results in higher productivity.
Benefits of ICT for companies
Provides access to information, creates jobs, gives us more leisure time (no need to wash clothing or cutlery by hand, online shopping, online banking)
Capabilities of ICT
Not available for everyone, reliant on electricity, leaves older generations behind
Limitations of ICT
Sending fraudulent e-mails that attempt to trick people into revealing details about their bank accounts, or other online accounts
When you type in a genuine URL the computer is tricked into displaying a fake website
unsolicited e-mails
Back problems, RSI, eye strain, headaches
Health risks of ICT
Trailing cables, spilt drinks or food, over loaded power sockets, heavy objects falling
Safety risks of ICT