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2.8 Systems Life Cycle

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Analysis, design, development and testing, implementation, documentation, evaluation
Stages of Systems life cycle
Observation, questionnaires, interviewing, looking at existing paperwork
Types of analysis
A way of preventing errors when data is copied from one medium to another
Verification definition
Entering the same data twice by different people. The computer checks if they’re the same.
Verification - double checks
Checking for errors by comparing the data on the screen to the original document
Verification - visual checks
When data is checked to see if it satisfies certain criteria when put into a computer
Validation definition
To make sure it is robust when the system actually goes live.
What is the purpose of testing?
Direct, parallel running, pilot implementation, phased implementation
Methods of changeover
User and technical
Types of documentation
designed to help users learn how to use the software system. This can consist of any of the following
User documentation
designed to help programmers and analysts who need to make improvements to the system or repair/maintain the system
Technical documentation
To make sure that the finished system does what it’s supposed to do and to make sure that it solves the problem that was found in the first place
Why is evaluation important?
Because of feedback from users, new hardware coming on the market, changes within a company which require new devices to be added or updated
Why might hardware need to be updated?
Because of feedback from users or changes in legislation may need modifications to the software
Why might software need to be updated?