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en taklucka
a roof hatch (building)
en skopa
a scoop, a ladle
att referera
1. to report on sth., to give an account of sth.; 2. [att ~ en match] to commentate on a match; 3. [att ~ till ngt.] to refer to sth. (loan word)
ett järn
(an) iron (atom nr. 26), a snifter
att ändra
to modify, change, fluctuate (e.g., one's opinion)
ett sprängämne
an explosive, an explosive chemical
en jakt
a hunt (for animals), a yacht, a chase (after humans)
om två månader
in two months
decided, established, governed
en andrake
a drake (male duck)
en cylinder
a cylinder
en sladd
a cable, a cord (ex. camera cord)
en springare
1. a knight [chess]; 2. horse (poetic); 3. common dolphin
en stadsplan
a city plan, local development plan
ett rovdjur
a predator (animal), a beast of prey
en stadskarta
a city map, a streetmap