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masculine prefix
feminine prefix
the (masculine)
the (feminine)
Hiel "Samül" lödom in dom gretik e nulädik in zifil jönik
Sammy lives in a big modern house in a pretty little town
Binom studan in niver
He is a student at the university
Fat omik binom "Robert" -- binom büsidan e vobom in bür
His father is Robert -- he is a businessman and works in an office
Mot omik binof "Lisabet" -- binof tidan e tidof in jul smalik
His mother is Lisabet -- she is a teacher and teaches in a small school
Sör omik binof "Janin"
His sister is Janin
Vobof in zif gretik in bür, bi binof sekretan
She works in the big city in an office, because she is a secretary
ün timül at vakenof in Spanyän
at this moment, she is vacationing in Spain
Blod omik binom "Peter" -- binom vemo yunik
His brother is Peter -- he is very young
affectionate marker, "the young of" (for animals)