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Ün timül at, studob matemati in niver, bi vilob vedön büsidan veütik.
At this moment, I study math in university, because I want to become an important businessman.
David: Glidis! Binob i flen ela Samül e lödob nilü zif.
David: Hello! I am also a friend of Sammy and I live near town.
Nem obik binon David.
My name is David.
Ün timül at, binob pükistudan in niver.
At this moment, I am a language student at the university.
Reidob vemo bi vilob lärnön pükis mödik.
I read a lot because I want to learn many languages.
Katlin: Glidis! Binob flen ela Janin.
Katlin: Hello! I am a friend of Janin.
Nem obik binon Katlin e vobob ko of in bür.
My name is Katlin and I work with her in an office.
Binobs flens gudik, e visitobs domi ofik suvo.
We are good friends, and we visit her house often
Rosan: Glidis! Binob i flen ela Janin e vobob kobo ko of ed el Katlin in bür.
Rosan: Hello! I am also a friend of Janin and I work together with her and Katlin in an office.
Nem obik binon Rosan.
My name is Rosan.
Lärnob Spanyänapüki in soarajul, bi vilob vakenön in Spanyän.
I learn Spanish in night school, because I want to vacation in Spain.
Paul: Glidis! Binob i flen patik ela Janin.
Paul: Hello! I am also a special friend of Janin.
Nem obik binon Paul e pro of binob flen vemo veütik!
My name is Paul and for her I am a very important friend!
I el Samül labom jifleni patik: nem ofik binon Rajel.
Also Sammy has a special female friend (girlfriend): her name is Rachel.
Nem obik binon Steven e lödob nilo dom omik.
My name is Steven and I live near his house.