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you (acc)
your (adj)
your (gen/poss)
to you (dat)
y'all (acc)
y'alls (adj)
y'alls (gen/poss)
to y'all (dat)
Els Robert e Lisabet binons pals obik.
Robert and Lisabet are my parents.
Els Peter e Janin binons gems obik.
Peter and Janin are my siblings.
Panemob Samül e binob blod de Peter e de Janin, binobs famülans.
I am named Sammy and I am the brother of Peter and of Janin, we are family members.
Famülans obsik binädons me fat bal e mot bal (sevabo pals tel), sör bal e blods tel (sevabo: gems kil).
Our family members consist of one father and one mother (that is two parents), one sister and two brothers (that is: three siblings).
Binobs kobo famülans lul.
We are together five family members.
Röletans obsik binädons me lefatül bal; (motafat edeadom bü yels fol); e lemotüls tel, kels blinofs obes legivotis mödik!
Our relations consist of one grandfather (mother's father died four years ago); and two grandmothers, who bring (to) us many gifts!
Röletans votik binons: hiters kil e jiters tel, hikösts fol e jikösts lul.
Other relations are: three uncles and two aunts, four male cousins and five female cousins.