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defines a very negative connotation
defines a repeated process
defines a product
defines a member or a follower
defines a collective group
defines a affectionate male form
defines a possibility
defines an abstract quality
defines something much bigger
defines a place or a location
defines a tendency
defines something required, or must be done
defines the smallest part or pieces of something
defines a leader, or a boss
defines something much smaller
defines a descendent, or an offspring
defines a verb that makes or causes something
defines a verb that becomes something
defines a tool, or an instrument
defines the female form of a male word
defines something that is worthy to be
defines a single holder or container of something specific
defines a system, or a doctrine
defines a skill someone has
defines a affectionate female form
defines multiples of things
defines fractions of things
defines a firm collective group of things
defines a holder or container of something non-specific
defines a fellow member of what the root word represents
defines something not specific; an "ad hoc" affix