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things which are happening, especially exciting or important things
animated film
a film that is photographed or created by a computer and shown in a way that makes it move
entertainment such as a film, play, etc. which is funny
a film, television or radio programme that gives facts and information about a subject
horror film
a film in which very frightening or unnatural things happen, for example dead people coming to life and people being murdered
romantic comedy (rom com)
a film or television programme about love that is intended to make you laugh
science fiction (sci-fi)
stories about life in the future or in other parts of the universe
a book or film with an exciting story, often about crime
a large group of people who have come together
An enjoyable event or experience gives you pleasure.
the set of necessary tools, clothing, etc. for a particular purpose
Someone is professional if they earn money for a sport or activity which most people do as a hobby.
making you feel relaxed
a bit
a little
a lot
very much or very often
very much
not taking help or money from other people
used before comparative adjectives such as 'better' and 'more beautiful' to mean 'a lot'
a short part of a film, play, or book in which the events happen in one place
the words written for and spoken in a film, play, broadcast or speech
someone who competes in a contest
someone who introduces a television or radio show
a film made using characters that are drawn and not real
chat show
a television or radio programme where people are asked questions about themselves
drama series
a play that is broadcast in a set of television programmes
game show
a programme on television in which people play games to try to win prizes
reality show
a television programme about ordinary people who are filmed in real situations, rather than actors
a funny television programme that is about the same group of people every week in different situations
soap (opera)
a series of television or radio programmes that continues over a long period and is about the lives of a group of characters
sports programme
a television or radio programme about sport
talent show
a television programme in which people sing, dance, or do other acts and judges decide who is the best
the news
the announcement of important events on television, radio, and in newspapers
an actor in a film who does not have a main part and usually plays someone in a crowd
get a drink
to buy a drink
get angry
to start to have a strong feeling against someone because they have behaved badly
get better
to feel well again after you have been ill
get bored
to start to feel unhappy because something is not interesting or because you have nothing to do
get home
to arrive at the place where you live
get there
to arrive at a place