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a photograph or image which appears to be solid and have depth when light shines on it in a particular way
the condition of being extremely poor
a machine controlled by a computer, which can move and do other things that people can do
knowledge, equipment, and methods that are used in science and industry
an operation in which a new organ is put into someone's body
before too long
four years from now
four years after the present time
in the near future
at a time that is not far away
in two weeks' time
about fourteen days from now
later today
at a later time on this day
next weekend
the next Saturday and Sunday
the day after tomorrow
not the next day but the day after that
the week after next
the week that is the first one after next week
advertising or information about someone or something in the newspaper, on television, etc.
a place where a sports game, musical performance, or special event happens
be responsible for
to be the person whose duty is to deal with something
choose a theme
to choose a particular subject for a party and ask people to dress in a particular type of clothes
decorate the room
to add things to the room to make it look more attractive
draw up a guest list
to decide who you want to invite to a party
get permission
If you get permission, someone says that they will allow you to do something.
hire a DJ
to arrange for someone to come and put on music at an event
neither do I
used for agreeing with a negative statement
nor do I
used for agreeing with a negative statement
organise the food
to make arrangements to buy the things you will eat
pay a deposit
to pay part of the cost of something before you pay the rest
put something up
to fasten something to a wall or ceiling
send out invitations
to post cards that invite people to an event such as a party
so do I
used for agreeing with a statement
about 10 o'clock
approximately ten o'clock
about to
to be going to do something very soon
forget about
to not remember something
sorry about
used to apologise for something
think about
to consider something
what about you
used to ask for someone's opinion