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nom, voc, acc, gen, dat, ab
What are the six cases?
puella, puellam, puellae, puellae, puella, puellae, puellas, puellarum, puellis, puellis
First declension:
servus, servum, servi, servo, servo, servi, servos, servorum, servis, servis
Second declension masc:
templum, templum, templi, templo, templo, templa, templa, templorum, templis, templis
Second declension neut:
manus, manum, manus, manui, manu, manus, manus, manuum, manibus, manibus
Fourth declension fem:
genu, genu, genus, genu, genu, genua, genua, genuum, genibus, genibus
Fourth declension neut:
dies, diem, diei, diei, die, dies, dies, dierum, diebus, diebus
Fifth declension:
ardor, ardorem, ardoris, ardori, ardore, ardores, ardores, ardorum, ardoribus, ardoribus
Third declension: