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buenos dyas
good morning
buenas tardes
good afternoon
asta luego
see you later
no pasa nada
no worries
kreo ke no
I don't think so
ande esta el banyo?
where's the toilet?
wait!; hang on!
nesesito ayuda
I need help
deshame en pas
leave me alone
buena suerte
good luck
aki tienes
here you are
ke es esto?
what's this?
so inglez
I'm English (said by a man)
so ingleza
I'm English (said by a woman)
de verdad?
solo avlo un poko de ladino?
I only speak a bit of Ladino
no entyendo nada
I don't understand anything
puedes avlar maz avagar?
could you speak more slowly?
no tengo tiempo
I don't have time
me lo puedes repetar?
could you repeat that for me?
sure; of course
kuanto kuesto?
how much is it?
no me enteresa
I'm not interested
no tengo moneda
I don't have money
ni tu ni yo
me neither
no te merikyes
don't worry
no se puede
it's not possible
ke pena
what a shame
tengo ambre
I'm hungry
yo tambien
me too
ke profite
enjoy your meal
tienes condones?
have you got any condoms?
puede ser
buenas noches
good night; good evening