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pointí pionóis
penalty points
beartaíocht turrainge
shock tactics
too narrow
faoi thionchair an óil
under the influence of drink
cesit achrannach is ea í seo faoi 'X' atá ag déanamh scime dúinn le fada
this issue of 'X' is a controversial topic that has been toublin us for a long time
Ceann d'fhadhbanna casta na linne seo is ea an scéal seo faoi...
this issue of... is one of the complicated issues of this era
ár gcrá
tormenting us
ábhar conspóideach
controversial topic
á plé ar fud na tíre
being discussed all over the country
i mbéal an phobail
on the lips of the public
ceist shuntasach
remarkable issue
Tá an cheist seo pléite agus athphléite ag...
this question has been discussed and rediscussed by...