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ídiú breoslaí iontaise
fossil fuel depletion
tá ceist X ag cothú teannais idir na húdaráis agus an pobal
the question of X is fostering tension between the authorities and the public
ag éileamh a gceart
demanding their right
le cuimhne na gcat
for as long as the cat remembers (idiom)
fuacht an gheimhridh
the cold of the winter
fear na mbróg
man in the street
glan i gcoinne
completely opposed
ón lá sin amach
from that day forth
Tá sé ina chogadh dearg idir an dá thaobh
it's a bitter war between the two sides
Ní mór dúinn
we have to
Creid é nó ná creid
believe it or not
táimid dall ar luach na seoide atá againn
we're blind to the value of our own jewels (idiom)
cosc dleathach
legal ban