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Ba náireach an feic
shameful is the sight
dall ar an tubaiste atá ag bagairt orainn
blind to the disaster that's threatening us
streachailt laethúil
daily struggle
forbairt leanúnach na nuatheicneolaíochta
continuous development of new technologies
ní dubh ar fad atá cursaí
matters aren't totally bad
é sin ráite
that said
Is tromluí ceart é, gan amhras
It's a proper nightmare, no doubt
de dhroim an tsaoil
from the back of the earth
ar thairseach an tsaoil
on the threshold of life
mar is dual don óige
as is expected of the young
truailliú timpeallachta
environmental pollution
an tsamhail saoil
the life model
tá daoine ag teacht ar an tuiscint
people are coming to the understanding
le tamall anuas
for a while now