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in ainneoin na rabhadh
despite the warnings
braon faoin bhfiacal
idiom 'a drop under the tooth' - drink taken
ceanglaítear ár n-oidhreacht le
our heritage is tied to
luíonn an locht le
the fault lies with
pé uair
intense campaign
ní h-ionadh é
no surprise
baineann siad leas as
they take benefit out of it
nuair nach mbíonn
when there's not
bíodh sé go díreach nó go hindíreach
be it directly or indirectly
a thuilleadh
i bpreabadh na súl
in the blink of an eye
déan spior spear ar
to belittle
tá an tuar tagtha faoin tairngreacht
the prophecy came true
ní gné nua-aimseartha é
it's not a new aspect