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caingean dlí
legal action
á cur i gcrích
finish off
Níl tásc ná tuairisc air
there's no sign of it
tháinig an crú ar an tairne
push came to shove
go deimhin
Údarás um Shábháilteacht ar Bhóithre
Road Safety Authority
tiomáint mheargánta
reckless driving
an sruth tráchta
the flow of traffic
i bhfoisceacht
a chomhscoláirí
fellow students
is é an rún atá le plé
the motion up for discussion
i bhfabhar an rúin
in favour of the motion
a chothú athuair
to foster again
tugadh buille marfa na muice
the fatal blow was given
briseadh spiorad agus misneach na nGael anseo
the spirit and courage of the Irish here were broken