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a chur ina luí ar dhaoine
to emphasis to people
An Roinn Iompair
the Department of Transport
dual carriageways
cé go gcuirtear an milleán go minic ar
though the blame os often put on
fabhtanna eile
other faults
is oth liom a rá go leanfaidh sé
I regret to say it'll continue
an slad agus an t-ár
the slaughter
gortaítear coisithe
pedestrians are hurt
tá beartais curtha i bhfeidhm
measures have been put in place
elderly person
X a ghlaoitear ar na daoine sin
X is what these people are called
Údarás Comhionannais
Equality Authority
leithcheal ar bhonn
discrimination on the grounds of
ionad oibre
ta blianta luachmhara fónta fagtha acu
they have worthwhile years left