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Clarifying And Restaurant continued

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What exactly is...?
정확히 무엇이죠?
Are you ready to order?
주문할 준비되었나요?
Yes, I will have the new york strip steak.
네, 뉴욕 스트맆 스테이크 먹을게요.
I'm sorry. What was that?
죄송해요. 저것이 무엇이었죠?
I didn't catch that.
잘 못들었어요.
So, you're saying (that)...
그래서~라는 말이시네요.
I heard...
나는 ~라고 들었어요.
I couldn't follow.
따를수 없었어요.
Does ... mean...?
~라는 의미인가요?
Did you say ...?
...다고 말했어요?