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An industrial method to produce methanol using steam and a catalyst
Hydration of ethane
A natural process where ethanol is produced from sugar. Yeast converts sugar into carbon dioxide and ethanol.
Resources that are not (in theory) going to run out. They can be replaced as quickly as they are used up. The fermentation of ethanol uses renewable resources
Renewable resources
The substances found in some fruits, nuts and seeds.
Natural oils
One method by which some natural oils in plants are extracted.
A simple technique that involves crushing plant material to extract natural oils.
The process by which unwanted chemical or impurities are removed. Often in the case of plant oils this is water and can be removed by evaporation
The process of cooking in vegetable oils at higher temperatues than boiling.
A key advantage to cooking in vegetable oils
Quicker cooking
An important food and fuel as they provide a lot of energy and nutrients
Vegetable Oils
A key drawback of cooking in vegetable oil.
Increased energy in food
Vegetable oils that have a carbon-carbon double bond. They can be tested for with bromine water
Unsaturated fats
A test for unstaturated substances. Bromine water turns from orange to colourless
Bromine water
The inability for two substances to mix. Oil and water is a good example of this.
The prdoduct of using an emulsifier to mix oil and water
A example of the use of emulsions in food.
Salad Dressing
Thicker than oil or water alone
Emulsion properties
Key advantages of emulstions.
Improved texture or coating ability
The substances that allow oil and water to mix. They have hydrophobic tails and hydrophillic heads
the area of a molecule that is attracted to oils or repelled from water
The area of a molecule that is attracted to water
The process of reacting unsaturated vegetable oils with hydrogen at 60 degress in the presence of a nickel catalyst.