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Calcium Carbonate
Has the formula CaCO3
A rock mainly composed of calcium carbonate. Is often used as a building material
Calcium Oxide
One of the products made from the thermal decomposition of limestone
Carbon Dioxide
The gas released during the thermal decompisition of limestone
Thermal decomposition
The process by which a compound breaks down when heated. Carbonates are a good example of this forming an oxide and releasing carbon dioxide
Calcium Hydroxide
An alkali that is formed by reacting calcium oxide with water. This alkali is often used in the neutralisation of acids
Used to test for carbon dioxide. It will go cloudy when CO2 is bubbled through it. This is beacuse it is a solution of Calcium Hydroxide which reacts with carbon dioxide to make calcium carbonate
Made by heating limestone and clay
A building material made by mixing sand cement and agregate (small stones) and water
A building materiak made by mixing cement sand and water
A drawback of quarrying for limetsone that can affect health
A drawback of quarrying for limestone that can affect peaceful villages
A draw back of quarrying for limestone that can affect how busy rural villages are
Landscape scars
A draw back of quarrying for limestone that can affect an area of natural beauty
Job creation
A significant economic benefit of the exploitation of limestone
Essential building materials
An important reason for quarrying as without it it would be almost impossible to build modern structures
Release of CO2
A draw back of the manufactrue of cement and lime as CO2 has been linked to global warming