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le dépaysement
the sensation of not being in one's home country
la douleur exquise
the heart-wrenching feeling of wanting someone you can't have
le bricoleur
someone who starts building something with no clear plan
l’appel du vide
the instinctive urge to jump from high places
les retrouvailles
the happiness of meeting again after a long time
l’esprit d’escalier
the act of thinking of a clever comeback when it is too late to deliver it
le sortable
someone you can take with you everywhere and not be embarrassed
le gâchis
a wasted opportunity
le manque
having failed to become what one might have been
knowing what to do in any situation
les seigneur-terraces
coffee shop dwellers who sit at tables for a long time but spend little money
les cernes
dark circles around your eyes
avoir le mal de quelqu'un
missing someone so much it literally makes you sick
the tendency of someone (or a nation) to bow before authority without a fight
to sing and cry at the same time
épater les bourgeois
to deliberately shock people who have conventional values
rire dans sa barbe
to laugh to oneself quietly while thinking about something that happened in the past
la dérive
an aimless walk through the city streets