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a brain structure thought to be involved in aggression
Limbic system
an area of the brain involved in emotion
King (1961)
described a case of a woman whos amygdala was stimulated, she became threatening and verbally aggressive until it was turned off
Charles Whitman
killed 13 people and then killed himself, left a note saying check his brain, they found he had a tumour pressing against his amygdala
Difficulties reasearching human brain
unethical, animal brains are not as similar to humans
Strengths of biology and agression
animal studies show that removal of amygdala make them less agressive, charles whitman case
Weaknesses of biology and agression
studying human brain is difficult, animal and humans are diff, case studies are unreliable, social learning theory
chemicals produced by the human body that sends signals to organs around the body via the bloodstream
Strengths of hormones
clear cause and effect in animals, human studies show an effect too
Weaknesses of hormones
Not all humans with high testoesterone levels are agressive, women are agressive too, slt
Social learning theory
Says we learn agression through seeing people around us be agressive
Observational learning
the process of learning from watching others
observing, identifying with and copying the behavior of a role model
Role model
a person who is looked up to copied
a feeling of similarity with a role model that leads to the imitation of their behaviour, we believe we can be like them
Vicarious Reinforcement
learning through the positive conseqeuences of other peoples actions
found that children were more likely to copy and adult attacking an inflatable doll if the adult was rewarded for it
Strengths of social learning theory
Banduras study, many tragedies have been linked to tv and video game violence
Weaknesses of social learning theory
not all children copy violence, watching aggressive tv can lower aggression, difficult to study observational learning
what we are born with
what we learn from the way we are raised
Ramirez aim
to investigate whether aggression varied between cultures
Ramirez procedure
400 psychology students from spain and japan. They completed a questionnaire on aggression with a likert style questions
Ramirez findings
J students more agressive. S students more verbally agressive. Males verbally and physically aggressive than females
Strengths of Ramirez study
Produced quantitative data, ethical study
Weaknesses of Ramirez study
All participants were psychology students, social bias, some questionnaires are critised because the questions are bias
Content analysis
a research method used to measure the number of times something comes up in a piece of media
Limited so that it might not apply to everyone
refers to whether findings from a study would be found again if the study was repeated
Protecting participants
looking after the rights and welfare of participants to ensure no physical or psychological damage
a psychologists ability to conduct a study
Anderson and dill aim
to see whether people who played violent video games became aggressive
Anderson and dill procedure
Half played a non violent game, half played a violent game. After playing they got to punish 'opponent' but there wasn't anyone there
Anderson and dill findings
The loudest and longest blasts were from people who played the violent game
Strengths of Anderson and dill
Lab experiment so hada lot of control, findings are useful in real world
Weaknesses of Anderson and Dill
Does not represent real life, they may have guessed the aim and the study violated ethical guidelines
Independent variable
the factor which is changed to make two or more conditions
Dependent variable
the factor which is measured in an experiment