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in the wild
In naturally occurring conditions or environments.
in the next breath
In or at the very next moment or opportunity; in a very short space of time.
to be still in the game
To remain a contender for success despite setbacks or difficulties
at a (single) stroke
All at once, with a single decisive or powerful action.
in no way
Not at all; not by any means.
insofar as
to such an extent that
inner circle
A small, exclusive, and intimate group of like-minded people sharing a common goal, pursuit, or purpose
(slang) A writer, especially one who produces a large amount of low-quality material for a living.
incumbent (up) on (someone)
Imposed or expected as an obligation, duty, or requirement on someone.
in layman's terms
In words that can be understood by people outside of a given profession or field of expertise
to be brought in from the cold
To be allowed to join or participate in a group from which one was previously excluded
to be in for a surprise
To be guaranteed to receive or experience an unexpected outcome, especially a negative one
in some sense
in some or certain way
all of a dither
In an nervous, confused, or agitated state.
to have (something) going for (one)
To have something that is favorable to one.
to have done with
To be finished with someone or something
to give someone an out
To provide someone with an excuse or a means of escaping
to have a yen for
To have a very strong and persistent desire or craving for something
to get in the last word
To say the final words in an argument or discussion
to get in hot water
To provoke or incite anger against oneself
land of plenty
A fictional or imagined utopian place where there is an abundance of everything needed to survive
don't shoot the messenger
Don't get angry at or punish someone who is simply delivering bad or undesirable news
kids will be kids
Kids behave childishly or immaturely by nature, so it is unrealistic to expect otherwise
(all) kidding aside
being frank for a moment.
to be kicked upstairs
To be promoted to a higher role or position in a company
a kick at the can
An opportunity to do, try, or achieve something.
to be a different kettle of fish
To be entirely different in scope or description from someone or something that was just being discussed
to be on track
To progress as planned
in the same mold
Of or in the same or similar style, fashion, or manner.
in the sticks
In the countryside
to be in with a chance
To have a good chance
in the pocket of (someone)
Under the direct control or influence of someone
on (someone's) behalf
For the benefit, interest, or support of someone
in one blow
All at once, with a single decisive or powerful action
in (one's) heyday
In, at, or during the period of one's greatest success, power
in full gear
At the highest or maximum level of function, operation, or performance.
in front of (one's) nose
Immediately obvious or clearly apparent
in all honesty
In one's sincere opinion
to win (something) in a walk
To win (something) easily,
in a sorry state
in a pitiful or abject condition.
in a pig's ear
An exclamation of emphatic denial or disbelief of something.
the idiot box
(slang) A television set, or television in general.