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Weather Verbs - Future & Imperfect

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il fera trente degrés
it will be thirty degrees
il fera beau
it will be fine (weather)
il fera chaud
it will be hot (weather)
il fera du brouillard
it will be foggy
il fera du soleil
it will be sunny
il fera du vent
it will be windy
il y aura des éclaircies
there will be bright intervals/sunny periods
il y aura des nuages
it will be cloudy
il y aura de l'orage
it will be stormy
il faisait 30 degrés
it was 30 degrees
il faisait beau
it was fine (weather)
il faisait chaud
it was hot (weather)
il faisait froid
it was cold (weather)
il faisait mauvais
the weather was bad
il faisait du brouillard
it was foggy
il faisait du soleil
it was sunny
il faisait du vent
it was windy
il y avait des nuages
it was cloudy
il gelait
it was freezing
il neigeait
it was snowing
il pleuvait
it was raining
quel temps faisait-il?
what was the weather like?