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used to help identify a disease, illness, or problem e.g. (One important ………. feature of this condition is a mild rash.)
following each other without interruption e.g. (We had unusually cold temperatures for five ………. days.)
able to be seen through / easy to notice or understand e.g. (a ………. lie/falsehood)
a young bird or animal / a young person e.g. (a crime committed by ……...)
to expect something (with pleasure) / to do something before it can be done by somebody else e.g. (When Scott reached the South Pole he found that Amundsen had ……...d him.)
to continue throughout (a period of time) / to include a large area or a lot of things e.g. (Her academic interests ….. a wide variety of topics.)
something made by putting together different parts or materials e.g. (a ………. of diverse communities)
to say or believe that something is the result of a particular thing e.g. (He ……s his success to his coach.)
people of high social position who have titles such as that of duke or duchess |(must be proceded with "the")
to choose to take or not to take a particular course of action — often + for/against e.g. (He usually orders strawberry ice cream but ....ed for chocolate this time.)
despite — often used after its object e.g. (The law was passed, our objections ….……….)
to put (something) into a liquid and pull it out again quickly / to lift (liquid) out from a container / to move downward e.g. (The sun …..ped below the horizon.)
sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own / capacity to endure pain or hardship : endurance, fortitude, stamina
money that is paid usually by a government to keep the price of a product or service low or to help a business or organization to continue to function
involving risk or danger
a small amount of a liquid (such as water) that makes something wet or moist
to cause (someone or something) to be in a specified condition / to give (something) to someone / to present or perform (something) (perfectly ……..ed songs)
feeling doubt about something — usually + about e.g. (I was …... [=doubtful] about our chances for success.)
the business of selling things in large amounts to other businesses rather than to individual customers
designed to be worn by a woman who is pregnant / relating to the time when a woman gives birth to a baby
toward the ceiling, sky, etc. e.g. (The hawk spiraled …....) / toward a higher or better condition or position
willing to do dangerous or difficult things / showing a lack of fear
a path described by one body in its revolution about another (as by the earth about the sun or by an electron about an atomic nucleus); also :  one complete revolution of a body describing such a path
a sudden increase in knowledge, understanding, etc. : an important discovery that happens after trying for a long time to understand or explain something
making you feel tired or bored / no longer interested in or enthusiastic about something e.g. (Students soon grow …….. of listening to a parade of historical facts.)