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Case study of UK tourism: Blackpool

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2 million
million pounds to redevelop Blackpool's airport
million pounds to redevelop Blackpool's tramway
percentage decrease in crime in Blackpool in 2010
The Blackpool Is Getting Clean and Tidy Challenge is designed to make Blackpool cleaner and greener by planting trees and flowers
Talbot Gateway
area in CBD of Blackpool that is set to undergo a transformation with new hotels, shops and restaurants planned
million pounds cost for Talbot Gateway redevelopment
Sea life centre
indoor attractions built to attract tourists 'off season'
year the local council bought the Tower, the Winter Gardens and the Golden Mile
million pounds generated from the Tower, Winter Gardens and the Golden Mile
Chess Conference
held in March it is one of the biggest events held off-season for Blackpool
political party conferences
Blackpool is now one of the main places to hold this event every year and off season
Dance festival
many people visit Blackpool to take part in this annual event
Winter Gardens
many of the off season events and conferences are held here
the year the plan for Storm City was developed
million pounds to build Storm City
the size of Storm City in hectares
the number of seats in Storm City's arena
the number of hotels in Storm City
Talbot Plaza
the name of the new plaza / square for the public near Talbot Gateway