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bring about
come about
happen / be caused
bring on
cause an illness or change in behaviour
add up to
result in
be down to
be a result of
put down to
explain sth as a result of
come down to
be dependent on
account for
explain / give a reason
boil down to
be summarised as
turn into
become / change into
end up
finish in a certain way or place
give off
produce / emit
turn out
happen in a particular way
follow up
take more action
take away from
detract from
wear off
lose effects (medicine, drugs, charm, etc)
wear down
become tired / in worse condition due to a lot of use
wear out
become very tired / ineffective / useless due to a lot of use
burn out
suffer extreme exhaustion from overworking
fizzle out
gradually end
break out
start suddenly (negative things like an argument, violence, fire, etc)
kill off / wipe out
eradicate completely / make extinct
hit / strike back
retaliate / reply to an attack
take aback
let off
excuse from punishment
get away with
avoid punishment
pay back
take revenge
end / wind up
finish / arrive in a place
scale back / down
make smaller than originally intended
allow for
take into consideration
count / bank on
base your hopes on