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take on
accept / assume (a challenge, responsibility, role, etc)
sign up
register / enrol
drop out
quit (a course, school, race, etc)
set up
initiate / found / start
take over
assume control
hand in
hand out
hand over
give / pass on
fall behind
fail to maintain same rate of progress as others
keep up
maintain same rate of progress as others
catch up
get to the same point as others (speed, progress, knowledge, etc)
carry out
conduct / realise an activity (formal)
pick up
find out
deal with
handle / manage
track down
find / locate by searching
go over
revise / check
brush up on
refresh knowledge
think over
come up with
invent / devise
draw up
prepare (a plan, document, contract, etc)
clock in
start working hours
clock off
finish working hours
fill / step in
substitute temporarily
step down
retire / resign
lay off
fire / sack / dismiss from job
take on
contract new workers / admit new students