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catch up
learn / discuss latest news / developments
turn down
refuse / reject
make up
invent / create (a story, an excuse, etc)
fill in
give full details
tell off
reprimand / castigate
bring up
raise a question / subject for discussion
get through to
make sb understand (often with difficulty)
get across
communicate your meaning effectively
get / drive at
insinuate / try to express an idea
point out
indicate / direct attention
make out
identify / understand message
go on
talk at length / talk about sth repeatedly
touch on / upon
mention briefly
come in for
receive (praise, criticism, etc)
put down
criticise / speak badly about
talk down
speak to sb as inferior
talk up
speak positively about
talk sb into
persuade / convinve sb
talk around
avoid speaking directly about sth
play down
minimise significance, importance, seriousness, etc
put off
discourage / deter
pick on
blame, bully, punish sb unfairly
own up
admit / confess
butt / cut in
speak up
talk louder
listen up
pay attention
shut up
stop talking / be quiet