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turn down
refuse / reject
chip in
contribute / help
show off
display your talents or possessions, often with pride (sometimes negative connotation)
calm down
relax after being angry
stick / stand up for
stand by
support / show solidarity
back up
back down
withdraw from a dispute
get / bring down
become or make more unhappy / depressed
cheer up
become or make happier
freak out
panic / go crazy
turn away
refuse to permit entry
give away
reveal / betray
take back
withdraw (a comment, insult, compliment, etc)
black / pass out
faint / lose consciousness
sober up
stop feeling effects of alcohol / drugs
put up
accommodate sb / give them a bed
put out
inconvenience sb
opt out
decide not to participate
pop in
make a brief visit
laugh off
minimise / make light of
hang onto
hold tightly / keep