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get by
manage / survive
save up
increase savings
set / put aside
save / reserve
dip into
use small amount of savings / reserves
lay out
spend money
settle up
pay a bill
splash out
spend a lot of money on sth nice
fritter away
gradually waste money / resources / opportunity
fork out / cough up
spend money on sth unpleasant
come into
inherit / gain unexpectedly
put into
rip off
charge an excessive amount of money
turn over
make x amount of money
run up
accumulate (a bill, debts, losses, etc)
take out
obtain a formal financial agreement (loan, mortgage, insurance, etc)
pay back
return a loan
pay off
finish paying a debt
tide over
help (financially) on a temporary basis
cut back / down
reduce spending
bail out
rescue (financially)