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day-to-day basis
basis=routine; everyday organized action
to keep in touch
to communicate with sb, especially by writing to them or telephoning them
had the world at his feet
to be extremely successful and admired by a great number of people
to make matters worse
Ən pisi də odur ki,
no oil painting
used when you are saying that a person is not attractive to look at
plain Jane
Jane=Not beautiful woman
don't see eye to eye
disagree with somebody
have butterflies in my stomach
nevrous about something
just around the corner
not far away, or going to happen soon
out of the blue
unexpectedly; without warning
blessing in disguise
something that seems to be a problem at first, but that has good results in the end
to keep both arms safely in their sockets
to be safed
go Dutch
to share the cost of sth with sb
now and again
from time to time; occasionally
at the drop of a hat
immediately; without hesitating
soul searching
the careful examination of your thoughts and feelings, for example in order to reach the correct decision or solution to sth
missing out on
to fail to benefit from sth useful or enjoyable by not taking part in it
a real eye opener
an event, experience, etc. that is surprising and shows you sth that you did not already know
to set people up
to provide sb with the money that they need in order to do sth
light bulb moment
to have an idea suddenly, suddenly realize something